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Deals put on hold are moving forward and more takeaways from North Texas’ leasing activity

NAI Robert Lynn hit 85 percent of its goal for April. The company completed 60 transactions, 20 of which were retail, with the rest split between office and industrial. It also closed seven sales, four of which were retail properties.

“We were very pleased to be where we ended up. During the first week of April, we were at about 25 percent, so we were very concerned. To be at 85 percent in these times is ridiculously lucky. I know we have a very talented team and have had our heads to the grindstone, but to be at 85 percent of a goal we set in 2019 under these circumstances was very fortunate,” said Mark Miller, principal and president at NAI Robert Lynn.

2020-05-11T08:40:58-05:00May 8th, 2020|COVID-19, Industrial Division, Mark Miller, NAI Robert Lynn|
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