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NAI Robert Lynn Corporate Real Estate Services is a specialized extension of our owner and tenant representation services for clients who have multiple locations or needs. Partnering with our Corporate Services Group, corporate real estate clients benefit from the latest technology and innovative concepts utilized by real estate departments of worldwide companies.

Established to provide critical control in more geographic markets than any other corporate real estate services organization, NAI Robert Lynn is the top choice for corporations who have grown beyond their local borders or who are looking for a more effective and efficient real estate process. Our single-source transaction management system provides significant benefits to your corporation through our NAI web-linked organization of professionals.

As an NAI partner, we have direct access to market data, maps, information, demographics, properties and qualified local professionals with accuracy and detail throughout the United States, Asia/Pacific region, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Latin America. NAI internet technology provides transaction/project management and portfolio tracking enabling NAI Robert Lynn to enhance productivity, accuracy and speed for corporate relocations, multi-site acquisitions and dispositions, consolidations, lease renewals and more.

As a member of an organization of 5,800 professionals in 350 offices worldwide, NAI Robert Lynn is able to integrate and service ongoing activities in multiple locations with proficiency and unmatched performance. We expedite your corporate real estate service transactions, cut operating costs and assist in managing your leased and/or owned real estate portfolios. Our international partnerships have been established over three decades and specific NAI quality and procedural standards are mandated to assure consistent quality from agents worldwide. Our capabilities, experience and scope of services will be significant additions to your in-house corporate real estate resources.

For more information, please contact Chris Schupp, Executive Managing Director of Corporate Services, by email.


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NAI Robert Lynn strives to be the real estate provider of choice for any user of commercial property by exceeding our clients’ expectations through superior market knowledge, hard work, integrity and devotion to our clients’ best interests.

At Hillwood we have found NAI Robert Lynn agents to be excellent brokers while having high professional standards and ethics.
- ROSS PEROT, JR., Chairman, Hillwood

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